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Tatler - Lea Harrison and Gielly Green Voted "Best Salon for Balayage"

December 5, 2016

There are many things you want to achieve when you dye your hair.  Like making it look as though you've spend a week on Harbour Island.  Or hiding the fact that you're no longer 16.  But hair that looks full of life while giving your skin a glow?  Obviously.  So ask for Lea, because his thing is micro-balayage:  painting on dye freeform, focusing more on the underside.  The results are soft and natural; then the compliments start.  Have you been away?  Your skin is great!  Why are you looking so happy, anyway?  You're happy because you've got good hair! - The Best Hair Colourist on Earth!

May 22, 2013

"Lea does blonde like no other!  Among his clients are Dido, Faithless and Felicity Kendal and I just missed Kate Winslet who had justy left the salon."


Harper's Bazaar - The Geniuses We Trust with our Tresses

May 5, 2015

Who: Lea Harrison at Gielly Green
Why: Lea creates the most natural shades of blonde this side of Scandinavia.
Contact: 42-44 George Street, London; 020 7034 3060;;
Recommended by: Debbie Hull, PR manager, Mercedes-Benz

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